Student Leadership

Jack Phillips

Jack Phillips (He/Him/His)
UAB Chairperson
Hometown: Okemos, MI, United States
Major: Marketing

I joined UAB to gain more hands on experience in marketing and leadership and to be a part of creating unforgettable experiences for students.  

Andrew Miller-Thomas

Andrew Pavel Miller-Thomas (He/Him/His)
Music Coordinator
Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI, United States
Major: Journalism

UAB provides a great opportunity to engage and contribute to the MSU and greater East Lansing community. I enjoy working with the numerous RSOs, local businesses, artists, residents, and students throughout the year.

Lincoln Lloyd

Lincoln Lloyd 
Marketing - Social Media Coordinator
Hometown: Grand Blanc, MI, United States
Major: Statistics

Working with UAB seemed like a cool job! 

Anusha Mathur

Anusha Mathur (She/Her/Hers)
Arts Coordinator
Hometown: Charlotte, MI, United States
Major: Economics

I joined UAB to utilize my creativity and organizational skills in planning engaging student events. It offers a platform to foster campus community, inspire artistic expressions, and gain valuable leadership experience. 

Torrie Boykins

Torrie Boykins (She/Her/Hers)
Outreach & Inclusion Coordinator
Hometown: Southfield, MI, United States
Major: Social Work

I joined UAB because I enjoy leadership and wanted a chance to be more involved with the student body and MSU campus.

Elizabeth Gabli

Elizabeth Gabli (She/Her/Hers)
Events Coordinator
Hometown: Highland, MI, United States
Major: Data Science

I joined UAB because of the people. I enjoyed my time last year as a member with UAB and wanted to see some of my event ideas come to life.

Brett Brosky

Brett Brosky (He/Him)
Membership & Retention Coordinator
Hometown: Canton, MI, United States
Major: Management

I joined UAB to branch out and meet new people as well as become more connected and involved on campus. 

Simran Sompore

Simran Sompore (She/Her/Hers)
Outreach & Inclusion Coordinator
Hometown: Farmington, MI, United States
Major: Supply Chain Management

I wanted to meet new people and experience fun opportunities. I've made so many friends and I love the job!

Meg Vandermark

Meg Vandermark (She/Her/Hers)
Events Coordinator
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI, United States
Major: Social Relations & Policy and Journalism

I wanted to get more involved in planning events to bring students together. I am excited about getting to come up with new events and collaborating with other groups on campus.

Liv Bertaud

Liv Bertaud (She/Her/Hers)
Marketing - Graphics Coordinator
Hometown: Libertyville, IL, United States
Major: Creative Advertising, French

To get the opportunity to work on large scale community projects and event organizing through UAB.

Hannah Svoboda

Hannah Svoboda (They/She)
Events Coordinator
Hometown: Grand Haven, MI, United States
Major: Social Work

I wanted to be more involved with students on-campus and events! 

Ian Kercorian

Ian Kercorian (He/Him/His)
UAB Desk Receptionist
Hometown: Ferndale, MI, United States
Major: Games & Interactive Media

I wanted to be more involved with the events on campus.  

Amino Dahir

Amino Dahir (She/Her/Hers)
UAB Desk Receptionist
Hometown: Lansing, MI, United States
Major: Human Biology

I joined UAB to bring an impact to campus with beautiful memories that'll last even after we are done working. I want to help plan inclusive events that’ll bring all students together.