Student Leadership

Nithya Charles

Nithya Charles (She/Her/Hers)
UAB Chairperson
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI, United States
Major: Creative Advertising

I joined UAB because I love getting involved in on-campus activities and meeting new people!

Andrew Miller-Thomas

Andrew Pavel Miller-Thomas (He/Him/His)
Music Coordinator
Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI, United States
Major: Journalism

I joined UAB for the opportunity to play an active role in enriching the MSU music scene.

Jack Phillips

Jack Phillips (He/Him/His)
Marketing Coordinator
Hometown: Okemos, MI, United States
Major: Marketing

I joined UAB to gain experience in marketing and work to connect the MSU community through fun events!

Sophie Viohl

Sophie Viohl (She/Her/Hers)
Arts Coordinator
Hometown: Torrance, CA, United States
Major: Psychology

I joined UAB at the beginning of my freshman year at MSU in the hopes of finding my place on such a large campus. After volunteering with UAB I have found so many new friends and amazing opportunities to connect with others at MSU through out events.

Devin Woodruff

Devin Woodruff (He/Him/His)
Outreach Inclusion Coordinator
Hometown: Birmingham, MI, United States
Major: Political Science

I joined UAB to get more involved with on-campus activities and craft events that make everyone at MSU feel welcomed.

Emma Nicolaysen

Emma Nicolaysen (She/Her/Hers)
Events Coordinator
Hometown: Casper, WY, United States
Major: Neuroscience & Economics

Joining UAB was a great way for me to work and have fun with a group of people that I look forward to seeing every week.

McAna Craft

McAna Craft (She/They)
Membership & Retention Coordinator
Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL, United States
Major: Psychology and Criminal Justice

I joined UAB because of how welcoming all of the members are and the amazing opportunities this organization provides. I feel like I can fully achieve my college and spartan experience.

Simran Sompore

Simran Sompore (She/Her/Hers)
Outreach & Inclusion Coordinator
Hometown: Farmington, MI, United States
Major: Supply Chain Management

I wanted to meet new people and experience fun opportunities. I've made so many friends and I love the job!

Sierra Brown

Sierra Brown (She/Her/Hers)
Special Events Coordinator
Hometown: Duluth, GA, United States
Major: Neuroscience

I wanted to find a place to create and innovate with other students whilst having fun and meeting new people.

Liz McCadden

Liz McCadden (She/Her/Hers)
Marketing Coordinator
Hometown: Byron Center, MI, United States
Major: Professional & Public Writing

I wanted to become more involved on campus and help others have a great experience throughout their time at MSU! Go Green!

Zoe Shimones

Zoe Shimones (She/Her/Hers)
UAB Desk Receptionist
Hometown: Canton, MI, United States
Major: Psychology

I began freshman year and got involved again when a UAB employee asked me to join the Desk team.

Ian Kercorian

Ian Kercorian (He/Him/His)
UAB Desk Receptionist
Hometown: Ferndale, MI, United States
Major: Games / Interactive Media

I wanted to meet some new people and get involved on campus.

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