UAB is a STUDENT-DRIVEN department at Michigan State University that provides opportunities for all MSU students to build connections, communities, and a sense of belonging at MSU. These social opportunities are proven to support retention, academic success, and the likelihood of students to graduate. Our 100+ annual events are created, developed and implemented by our student Coordinators and offered to MSU students at a low cost, and more often no cost, in large part to the sponsors who are able to off-set the costs of our large scale programming. 


Our sponsorship opportunities allow you to engage with your target demographics - students or metro-Lansing community members - in meaningful ways, further your brand recognition, and highlight your organizational values while supporting student in developing their personal, professional, and leadership skills.

Whatever your goals or budget, we have sponsorships and promotional opportunities that can help you reach your target market.

Consider a sponsorship today!

Benefits to Sponsorships include the following:

  • Meaningful engagement opportunities to connect with a variety of large audiences - both MSU students and metro-Lansing community members.
  • Enhanced brand awareness with the ability to create innovative marketing opportunities
  • Values based public relations and recognition 
  • Affiliation with an organization committed to developing student leadership
  • Tax advantages
  • Flexible sponsorship opportunities to fit all budgets and needs
  • Assessment metrics and data available for sponsoring organizations


  1. Initial Sponsorship Meeting - A 30-minute meeting to learn more about sponsor's values and objectives and find the right sponsorship fit.
    • Common sponsorship levels include: Product Donation, Activity Sponsorship (no on-site engagement), events sponsorship (on-site engagement), and premium sponsorship (large space for on-site engagement and priority placement). We are also happy to explore opportunities for sponsors to creatively meet their goals. 
  2. Sponsorship Agreement - Once the event sponsorship details and any customized sponsorship initiatives are determined, UAB will provide a sponsorship agreement outlining all the benefits our sponsors will receive and collect any branded materials or logos needed from the sponsors.
  3. Events Details - Two weeks before the event, UAB will provide an event outline to sponsors with any necessary details and on-site contact information.
  4. Assessment - UAB is happy to provide assessment of the event and assessment metrics for any organization that desires them. We also encourage sponsors to provide feedback and creative ideas for any future events they desire. 


  1. UFest - (August) - UFest is a Fall Welcome tradition where approximately 8,000+ MSU students attend and enjoy fun free activities, free food, giveaways and more. This event introduces students to the MSU Union and the services we provide and is a great opportunity to connect with students who may use your services during their time at MSU and beyond.
  2. Winter Arts and Crafts - (December) - The Winter Arts and Craft Show is a beloved tradition, attracting 230 crafters and artists and 7,000 + patrons, primarily from the metro Lansing area. The typical audience is not prominently MSU students, but local community members and families.
  3. Funn at the Munn (February) - A Spartan Tradition! Held annually during the Spring semester at Munn Ice Area which includes activities around the concourse, free skating, free food, and more. Typical event attendance is around 1,000 people. This event is prominently MSU students, often first year and second year students and provides ample space for sponsor-student engagement.
  4. Spring Arts and Craft Show - (May) - The Spring Arts and Craft Show is truly an experience! One of the biggest Arts and Craft Shows in Michigan, this event attracts 350 crafters and artists and 40,000 + patrons from across the state. The East Lansing Art Festival is located 1 block away during the same time, attracting a diverse crowd of young professionals, local community members, and families from across the state.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Sara Stratilatov - UAB Assistant Director - 517-884-3338 - bartless@msu.edu OR uab@msu.edu