Student Leadership


Robert Stonik
Human Resourses Director/Chairperson

Hometown: Northville, MI
Class Staus: Senior
Major: Advertising (Creative)

I joined UAB to make my circle at MSU smaller. I started because it is an amazing and supportive group of co-workers and friends.


Wan Deyi
Multicultural Director

Hometown: China
Class Staus: Senior
Major: Business Adminstration

I joined UAB because this is a good chance to improve my leadership skills and have more experience with teamwork.


Rachel Brown
Spirit and Traditions Director

Hometown: Rochester, MI
Class Status: Senior
Major: Marketing

I joined UAB to find a community at MSU who loved to plan events like me.


Miranda Tolsma
Graphics Director

Hometown: St. Joseph, MI
Class Staus: Junior
Major: Graphic Design

I joined UAB to expand my leadership skills and make meaningful connections with other students.


Kayla Krebs
Marketing Director

Hometown: Oxford, MI
Class Staus: Sophomore
Major: Accounting

I joined UAB to provide a fun atmosphere for my fellow students on MSU's campus.


Mallory Finta
Arts Director

Hometown: Vassar, MI
Class Staus: Junior
Major: Hospitality Business

I joined UAB to meet new people and to help create fun and free events for students.


Grace Sekulidis
Music Director

Hometown: Dearborn, MI
Class Staus: Junior
Major: Social Work and Psychology

I joined UAB because I was involved in Student Council in high school and wanted to find a way to continue creating activities for the student body. Plus I love volunteering! It was an easy club to join and could volunteer and was flexible.


Matthew Mandryk
Event Director

Hometown: Livonia, MI
Class Staus: Junior
Major: Civil Engineering

I joined UAB because I wanted to be a part of a positive environment that would give me the opportunity to bring students together to create memories and shared experieinces.


Claire Raymundo
Event Director

Hometown: Novi, MI
Class Staus: Senior
Major: Psychology

I joined UAB because I love event planning! I saw UAB at AOP and thought that a (FREE!) organization than plans (FREE!) events on campus was a perfect first thing to join my freshman year since it was something I enjoyed doing all through high school. It was perfect for me!


Mara Shawver
Event Director

Hometown: Geneva, IN
Class Staus: Sophomore
Major: Hospitality Business

I joined UAB because I was looking for a way to get involved and feel like I belong on campus.

Ryan Veldhuizen
Event Director

Hometown: Rochester, MN
Class Status: Senior
Major: Psychology

I joined UAB because I was looking to find my place at MSU and found an energetic, friendly, welcoming family! The event planning and volunteering is a blast!


Beaumont the Bear
Encouragement Director

Hometown: East Lansing, MI

I joined UAB because the 2016-2017 Marketing Committee saved me from the corporate sales world and welcomed me to the UAB Family.

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